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8 min readDec 20, 2021

The friendly Ghost in the Block community held an AMA session with representatives of the A4 project: CEO (Alex Feldman) and chief developer (Boguslav Gradovskyi), where the team answered many important and interesting questions from the audience.

1. Please tell us something about the team and developers working on the project.

CEO: The main team is on the site, the development team is spread all over the world, they are workers for hire, and the team currently consists of 14 people. I’m at the top (Alex), my path in the world of cryptocurrency began in 2013, from 2015 to 2017 I was engaged in architectural construction of projects and interaction with the public.

Our lead marketer is Max. He is a pretty well known personality in the world of traffic arbitrage, you can find his channel called Satisfied Arbitrage and learn his story.

The development team is made up of developers and architects with up to 14 years of general fintech development experience, having worked with electronic payment systems before the advent of blockchain.

2. It is often said that RUSSIAN SCAMMERS again want to take tokens away from the people again. What can you say in your defense?

CEO: Well, it seems to me that this is nothing more than a systematic error, since the biggest scams are to be found far outside CIS. Also, we must not forget about Ether, 1Inch, Waves and so on.

3. Why did you decide to run an IDO on your own landing page? Why not on popular, well-known sites?

CEO: This topic can be discussed forever, but we will try to keep to a shorter deadline)

Good IDO sites require KYC + a % of the fee in the form of money or tokens + we do not want to stand in line, so we discussed the matter and decided that it would be better to run an IDO on our own site… We have a good team of various specialists in whom we have confidence. IDO sites try to raise the level more for themselves than for a project that is sold with the help of whitelists etc.

4. If it is not a secret, what important dates are coming up? And could you talk about the percentage of shares?And a few words about the KYC process if possible.

CEO: If we use custody solutions for listing, then there is KYC, in order to run IDOs on known DEXes there is now a queue for many months in advance including consideration of applications from early March + 20–25% of turnover and the game, almost always, is played according to their rules. For 100 people out of 10,000 to buy, as usual. That also means locks and maintaining prices when liquidity is low.

5. Is it possible to withdraw funds from the auction, for example, if I think that the price of 1 token is too high?

CEO: Of course you have the option to withdraw all or part of your BUSDs within 12 hours.

6. How long does the auction last?

CEO: The auction will last 48 hours, from 7:00 UTC on 12/20/2021 to 7:00 UTC on 12/22/2021.

7. Has the contract been reviewed? If so, by whom? And if not, why/when will it take place?

Dev: Despite the fact that we have information security specialists in our ranks, we always follow the Solidity Style Guide and security best practices for smart contracts + we turn to top specialists for external audits. We will definitely conduct an audit of smart contracts before they are released. We are currently negotiating with Certik, Quantstamp, SlowMist.

8. Tell us about the terms of the negotiations. If they are already known. What about pricing, terms, the queue?

Dev: Negotiations are in preparation mode, without pre-made smart contracts, but we have already agreed that we will audit in 2 months, and the price will be hundreds of thousands of USD for all contracts in development .

9. How long does the development take? And how quickly did you get from the idea and discussion phase to the recruitment and launch phase?

Dev: We have been developing for many years, we have done a lot of groundwork, I have been living these projects for the last 4 years. Work on the A4 project started 7 months ago, recruitment of the team is still ongoing, we plan to grow from 17 to 40 developers in the next few months

10. Are you funding development from your own resources all this time?

Dev: Yes.

CEO: We are a pretty self-sufficient team financially, it’s not our first year in cryptocurrency))

11. If it’s not a secret, how much have you already spent today?

CEO: About $ 500–550k on the A4 project.

DEV: In the last 4 years, more than $2 million on fintech solutions development, especially on developers’ salaries. We will use some of the solutions and developments in A4

12. Where will the proceeds of the auction go? Will you add funds into the DOM/pool but pretend it’s not you?

CEO: We have seen this happen many times and we will not do it because that ends badly for the project. The funds will go entirely into development, we will not be pouring funds into the DOM at all, there will be no cheap tokens, no way). Everything will be transparent.

13. Will you be associated with funds?

CEO: If funds offer something interesting and useful for the community and not for themselves, why not? We have been negotiating, I can not say with whom for obvious reasons, but I do not think such decisions would be interesting to the community.

14. When and how did you complete the seed round? Who are your investors? How much was raised in USD and issued in tokens? What are the lockup terms for seed investors?

CEO: The seed round involved public figures along with their communities, which will further fuel the growth of the project. We sold 75,000,000 tokens for $375,000, this money has not even been touched yet. We’re unlocking seeds at 25% per month for 4 months, starting February 2, 2022.

15 Is there an exact release date for applications on APP STORE/GOOGLE PLAY? Is there an MVP/some kind of partial replay?

DEV: Applications are scheduled for release in February.

CEO: https://t.me/a4finance_chat/7645

16. Will there be any privileges for large A4 token holders?

CEО: Of course, in addition to bonuses from our NFTs, those who buy and stake our token support the project, so we plan to implement the possibility of sharing a part of the profit from P2E games to large holders of the A4 Token.

DEV: Large players will have control through governance.

17. How do you plan to use the token? Will there be staking, farming, boosting?

DEV: The token is planned to be used for staking, farming, buying in-game values ​​and settlements, rewarding external participants for contributions to development.

18. How soon after the auction is it planned to create a DEX pool? What kind of DEX platform will it be and is the liquidity volume known?

DEV: The DEX pool will be created immediately after the end of the IDO on Pancakeswap.

19. Why is the token on BSC? Due to ease of development? Are there any plans for bridges and deployments to other networks?

DEV: We’re planning a fast and cheap ETH-like blockchain with good infrastructure to start with. Bridges are planned with the main networks, yes.

CEO: A smart chain is fast and convenient, one way or another, our token will be traded on many networks, therefore, in order to give people an opportunity to invest and test the capabilities of the NFT gallery, the aggregator, we use BSC, and after that, we will transfer the main activities to our blockchain, leaving BSC in operation, adding other networks through bridges.

20. How to describe in two sentences the problem that your project solves?

CEO: Easy, we can even use one.

DEV: We are developing a fast blockchain compatible with the EVM (which will be Ether-like) to meet the challenges of our ecosystem. Fast and cheap.

21. Are there any open vacancies now?

CEO: Yes, write me on Linkedin.

DEV: Yes, Kotlin Multiplatform mobile, C ++, React/TypeScript, testing (auto and manual), Scrum master, system analysts. I’ll be happy to discuss those in DMs.

22. Are there any conceptions of the game on your future blockchain, or is this a big open question for the end of 2022?

DEV: We are currently working on several games with related gameplay, internal game valuables ​​(NFT) and a single cross-game currency, as well as governance of the community. We are preparing a detailed announcement in early January.

23. Will there be bonuses for small volume holders?

DEV: Staking, pharming, utilitarian functions (discounts and privileges) on platform services

24. How do you see collaborations with other platforms and NFT creators? Will there be discounts from the standard commission on OpenSea, etc.? Or are they myths perpetuated by developers and marketers?

DEV: We are building an NFT aggregator that will have cross-chain bridges to create wrapped NFTs and reduce fees while improving convenience. It’s too early to offer discounts on OpenSea, because we don’t have such an offer.

CEO: This will be implemented later, initially there will be only staking of the token itself in a smart contract and farming.

26. After the IDO, will I be able to withdraw tokens to Trustwallet?

DEV: Yes.

27. Are there any plans to list on major exchanges (FTX, Gate, Bitfinex)? If yes, in what timeframe?

CEO: The answer to this question will already be included in the IDO price, which I think no one would like.

28. Do you have photos and contact details of the team?

CEO: Everything is on the site, double-check the information.

29. Is there any point in holding the token solely for speculative purposes? I don’t play with meta, I don’t hold NFT.

CEO: It’s up to you, we cannot give investment advice according to the law, but we will hold the token.

30. Is it true that you are working in collaboration with a famous blogger of the same name and are planning to release your NFTs soon?

CEO: No.

31. Besides the current A4 project, what other projects are or were you involved in?

DEV: We usually sign the NDA, we cannot divulge any further details.

32. It’s interesting what challenges you have already faced along the way, usually that is reflected in the experience. Especially in our fast-growing business.

DEV: Over the long years of development, we have done everything:

1. Team organization and motivation
2. Highly loaded projects
3. We collected many SCRUM teams for projects
4. We worked in a tight economy
5. We tried many technology stacks and chose the best solutions. The list can go on for a while.

33. Does the project have a deflationary model?

CEO: We plan to burn tokens received as commissions for the utilitarian functions of projects.

34. I don’t understand the price, you are talking about an auction, but who knows how many people will buy, let’s say a community invests a million dollars, and how are you going to show the price in real time, with every purchase will the price go up?

DEV: Yes, everything is done in real time and we will even show the price after you buy it, even before you buy it.

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