Q1 2022 Progress Report

Let’s run through Q1 2022 briefly:

  1. Release of mobile crypto wallet A4
    At the beginning of February we created a form (https://t.me/a4_finance/37), where everyone could leave an application to get access to the closed beta test. It was planned that by the time the beta test was transferred to users, most of the bugs would be corrected and tested. However, the current world situation has cut off two important technical experts from the project, and for some time their performance was lost. On March 30, we presented a beta version of the wallet for release and distributed test access to 430 members of the community, who left a request in the form dated February 9. These people are technically prepared and will be able to describe bugs in great detail, so our experts will fix them without unnecessary loss of time. Estimated release date for Android/iOS ≈ April 15, this will still be a beta test, but already open and available to all participants. This is the version of the application we will show to the visitors of our booth at the largest offline conference in the field of cryptocurrencies — Blockchain Life 2022.
  2. Beginning the development of a network of P2E games
    The NFTs developed and prepared for distribution to IDO participants will not be just an image to look at, they will be used as a tool in the game. The closest game is already in development, the scenario is fully described and game models are being rendered. Closer to the testing stage we will definitely invite the community to help with testing the entire game mechanics, as well as — to make ideological adjustments to the rest of the network of games.
  3. Popularizing A4, conducting a major Bounty campaign
    In early February, we gave away 400,000 tokens as part of the Airdrop for English-language chat, after which they were all sent to the liquidity glass and smoothly continue to be sold. The management decided to eliminate token giveaways, leaving only revards for really useful actions. So, in early February (https://t.me/a4_finance/29) we rewarded active community members for their services to the community. A large-scale Bug Bounty is now fully prepared and ready to launch, which will allow interested users to find bugs in our products and get rewards for it, while the team can spend the tokens allocated for the Bounty for maximum benefit to the community.

In addition, we actively worked on other areas that are not described in the Q1 2022 objectives.

For example, we were able to conclude a strategically important partnership with a major blogger, which we will tell you about in the near future. We plan to launch a joint NFT-collection on the basis of our own NFT-marketplace, a P2E-game, as well as to create a training block for his audience.



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