Q1 2022 Progress Report

Good afternoon, this is Alex Feldman, CEO of A4 Finance. Q1 2022 is coming to an end and we need to write a progress report — what was successful, what did not turn out quite as planned and what exceeded all expectations.

At the beginning I would like to say that the most important thing for the team has always been the safety of its holders’ funds. That’s why we prefer to be confident about security rather than releasing products at a faster pace. Hacks and bugs occur even in large projects, each of us hears about hundreds of millions of dollars stolen every 2–3 months, our job is to prevent this from happening within the A4 ecosystem.

We believe that the strength of the team has always been honesty and openness with its community. According to the announcements and publications on the official resources, you may have noticed that there are no empty words in them, and the news in the form of “the team held a working prototype / key positions were allocated for the next 2 weeks” and so on are not published. All the announcements have always been substantial and of high quality, without any extra water. That’s why we’re convinced that releases of most of the Q1 list are possible on the same day, but they don’t make any sense. Below I will explain why.

Let’s run through Q1 2022 briefly:

The release of Bug Bounty was decided to move slightly, so that active users for the test were available for all products: wallet, bridges, pharming, steaking and nft-marketplace;

4) Start of the largest hackathon for developers
It was originally planned to hold an offline hackathon, so that the participants could immerse themselves in the atmosphere of teamwork, as well as meet the A4 Finance representatives live. Ukraine is famous for its technical experts, but there are also many of them in Russia, Belarus and neighboring CIS countries. We were preparing for the event in St. Petersburg, where each team could easily get to, we rented a room and started to work out a plan of the event. However, for reasons beyond our control, country borders and general moods have changed and we can no longer afford to hold the event in Russia, and we are not sure that all the helpful and active professionals from Ukraine will be able to fully participate now. The website and workflows have already been prepared, most likely the event will be moved to an online format.

5) Adding cryptocurrencies and tokens to their networks: ETH, MATIC, FTM, AVAX
This roadmap item acts as an additional feature of the wallet, the networks will be added after the release of crypto wallet A4

6) Cross-chain bridges (ETH, MATIC, FTM, AVAX) for A4 token
Completely written, ready and tested by project team and will also be submitted to the closed beta test by active participants of community after testing the wallet. Because bridges are part of the wallet, it makes no sense to release them before the active and stable version of the wallet.

7) Adding new liquidity pools in ETH, MATIC, FTM, AVAX networks
At the end of February (https://t.me/a4_finance/34) we presented a short video fragment of testing of liquidity farming in A4/BUSD pair. Since farming is an integral part of our wallet, it also needs to be tested by more people than we have on the development team before release. Pools in ETH, MATIC, FTM and AVAX networks will most likely be launched along with A4/BUSD pool. Bridges are prepared and tested, as seen in the previous paragraph

8) Testing the metaverse NFT marketplace
On this task we have surpassed all deadlines, the launch of the marketplace was scheduled for Q3 2022, but we are almost ready for release. Testing of the NFT marketplace by the A4 team is fully done, the product will then be handed over to the active community for testing. NFT prepared for IDO members will be the first product hosted on our marketplace.

9) Beginning development of the NFT aggregator
The team has begun technical preparations for a major upgrade of the NFT Marketplace to the NFT aggregator. Expect more details in official sources.

10) Buying and selling A4 token with Visa/MasterCard
We are actively negotiating with popular integrators. Since this is fiat work, there is a lot of bureaucracy involved in this task. We expect to close it in the first half of Q2 2022.

11) Starting to develop our own blockchain
The task is very massive, the technical team has smoothly started development.Expect more details on the development progress in the official sources.The blockchain will be laced with features for easy interaction with financial instruments.

12) Start testing metaverse P2E games
Currently, the best p2e games development scenarios are being developed and tested, with the right tokenomics to generate the desire to keep playing and earning.

In addition, we actively worked on other areas that are not described in the Q1 2022 objectives.

For example, we were able to conclude a strategically important partnership with a major blogger, which we will tell you about in the near future. We plan to launch a joint NFT-collection on the basis of our own NFT-marketplace, a P2E-game, as well as to create a training block for his audience.

We appreciate all of our holdings, and thank you for your patience. Stay with us



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