January report

1 min readFeb 2, 2022


​​Hi everybody🔥

We don’t like to write about every single step we make, that is why we decided to give a monthly — progress report!

✅What happened?

- APY 198% Stacking was launched

- Internal audits and UX/UI improvements to the wallet were made

- The staff has expanded to 24 people, from moderators in the group, to developers of smart contracts

- Conducted an analysis of the P2P market and selected the best strategy for its development in the A4 ecosystem to make the world of cryptocurrency accessible to everyone

- The most suitable ways of P2E game compatibility have been worked out

- Launched the development of farming liquidity, which will be available any time soon

- Negotiations and agreements were made with a large number of Influencers

- The abmassador program is almost ready to launch

- Updated the token page on BSCscan

- Prepared the NFTs the team promised as an appreciation gift to IDO participants

- The wallet is already being tested by the team, we will soon announce the possibility of private and public testing by the community

- The team’s GitHub is open and will fill up gradually

🤝Work is actively underway, stay tuned for official announcements