Addresses of ecosystem wallets and contracts

2 min readNov 24, 2022


Following the example of a senior group from the crypto industry, we have compiled in one document all addresses related to the team and technical infrastructure of A4.

Explain each wallet or contract address to make everything clear to you:


Address of the staking bank interacting with three tariff contracts. Includes 300,000,000 rewards (some can already be withdrawn by users) and funds that users have put in the staking. Rewards are accrued by unlocking the originally allocated funds (300 million) inside the contract, with the possibility of withdrawing them for investors.

Previously accumulated on 0xc1d79543165ad695f101b1f9020487b21eb8fc49


The address of the contract with the tokens allocated for the farming liquidity rewards. Farming program is not yet launched, funds are not yet used.


Address where PROMO and HACKATHONE tokens were originally unlocked and then moved to address below.


Team address including: 50,000 A4 for PROMO (part of it already spent) and 2,500,000 HACKATHONE.


Locked tokens of the team that are will be unlocked to the 0xc4e2f2f47bcd42bd7d4bb371833ec7b2cd16f8b8 (75,000,000 team tokens are been allocated), after which they are will be sent to the staking with a lock or to the farming program.


Address with tokens allocated for BOUNTY.
The first unlock occurred in the amount of 2,500,000 A4, some of the funds have already been spent.