A4 Staking

3 min readJan 15, 2022
  1. First of all, make sure that you are on the site https://staking.a4.finance/
    In order to send tokens to Staking, you must have A4 and some BNB in your wallet to pay the BSC fee.

2. Click on the Connect Wallet button and connect your wallet.

3. After that you can make a choice of 3 options.

4. By choosing any of them you will see information about it and will be able to interact with it.

5. On this page you can choose the number of A4 tokens and send them to the staking, for which you will receive the benefits in A4 tokens, according to your option.

6. By going to the “Unstake” tab you can apply for withdrawal of A4 tokens from the staking. You can withdraw any amount convenient for you.

7. Please pay attention to the conditions for withdrawal from staking.

8. When the tokens are available, you can pick them up by going to the Claim tab.

You can send any number of tokens to any chosen option an unlimited number of times.

You can participate in staking from any wallet that can be connected.

During withdrawing A4 tokens from staking, a commission of 1% will be charged, according to your option of staking.

🔗Resource links:
Tg channel — t.me/a4_finance
Tg chat — t.me/a4finance_eng
Twitter — twitter.com/a4finance
Discord — discord.com/invite/a4finance
Youtube — youtube.com/channel/UCcavU1IL9V87cDtrP4Y4Vrw
Instagram — instagram.com/a4_finance
Reddit — reddit.com/r/a4finance